Cosmetic dentistry allows us to make esthetic improvements to your smile, sometimes with just one visit. If you are someone that hides your teeth, covers your mouth when you talk, or avoids social situations due to the appearance of your teeth, we can help! In our office, there is no judgement and no need to feel embarrassed by neglected teeth.

We have literally performed thousands of cosmetic procedures and its some of our favorite treatment because of the positive impact it has on our patients overall quality of life. There’s nothing better than sharing that moment when a patient’s whole face lights up after seeing their new smile for the first time after a major cosmetic procedure. You can feel confident with our dentists and staff to get you to the smile you’ve always wanted. Please visit our before and after page to view some of our most recent work. All the photos you will see are actual patients we have treated.

Some of cosmetic treatments we perform include:

  • Changing the size shape and alignment of teeth
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Whiten or brighten the color of stained or faded teeth
  • Fill gaps or spaces
  • Replace worn or damaged bonding or fillings
  • Repair chipped, broken, or decayed teeth


For more detail on each of the specific cosmetic services please use the links below:

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