Endodontics at Streitz Dental

Endodontics is the technical terminology for the treatment of the dental pulp, which is the nerve and blood vessel group inside the tooth. Endodontic therapy is performed when pulp has undergone some type of trauma. This trauma can be from a large cavity, bacteria entering the pulp, a cracked tooth, or physical trauma like getting hit in the mouth. Pain and swelling will often be associated with a tooth that has undergone such trauma and is accompanied with an infection.

A number of tests are performed to determine the extent of injury to the pulp and whether or not treatment will yield long-term success. Treatment for a pulpal injury involves the removal of the blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth, better know as a root canal. A root canal is performed as a final effort to save an already severely damaged tooth. The success rate for a tooth treated with a root canal averages at approximately 80%, which means that root canal therapy is not 100% predictable, often due to the poor state in which the tooth began. Modern root canal therapy is practically painless with the advent of better anesthetics and techniques.

Drs. Streitz have all completed advanced education courses regarding endodontic therapy and will be happy to discuss with you their philosophy and technique regarding this treatment.

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