We use cutting edge materials and technologies to make your experience comfortable. Our goal is to provide quality, long-lasting, and naturally beautiful dental work. Some of the technologies we employ include digital x-rays, CAD crowns, the Isolite® System, Intra-oral cameras, and the KöR Whitening System®.


As an early adopter of digital x-rays, we have been using our DEXIS system for 10 years. Digital x-rays reduce radiation by up to 90% and are instantly readable by our dentists on a computer screen. Unlike film x-rays, digital x-rays can be magnified and measurements can be taken directly on the computer screen, increasing our diagnostic capabilities dramatically.

CAD CROWNS (Computer-Aided Design Crowns)

Most of the crowns we complete are now designed by a computer and milled from solid porcelain by a 3D milling machine. This ensures the most accurate fit possible and reduces fabrication time significantly. Crowns that used to take two or more weeks to make are now ready in about 3-4 days. You may ask, why then do some offices promise same-day crowns? We have thoroughly evaluated the technology used in dental offices for same-day crowns and currently feel that the technology has not advanced to the point where we will adopt. Our main dental lab, locally based out of Chicago, consistently delivers the highest quality crowns and restorations available.

Intra-oral Camera System

We utilize small cameras that are capable of fitting inside your mouth to take pictures of cracked teeth, cavities or problem areas. This is a helpful tool because it allows our patients to visualize their own teeth magnified on the computer screen. Prior to intra-oral cameras, it was difficult for the dentist to describe cavities or other problem areas with patients. With this camera patients can see exactly what we see, allowing patients to more fully understand whats going on in their mouths.


This technology is a game changer! The Isolight® system is a soft flexible mouthpiece that allows you to rest your jaw while keeping your tongue and cheek out of the way during your procedure. The Isolite® also blocks debris and moisture from going down your throat. No more feelings of ‘drowning’ or straining to keep your mouth open. If you prefer the Isolight® for your appointment, please let us know!


We are proud to offer the KöR ® system as a premium whitening system. First, highly accurate impressions are taken of your teeth using a polyvinyl siloxane material and sent to KöR® laboratories where trays are fitted to your teeth. The KöR® whitening gel is different from all other gels currently available and works by destroying ‘stain molecules’ deep within the tooth. There is little to no sensitivity with this method. We use this option for patients that want the best whitening option available or who have tried other whitening systems in the past and have been unsuccessful.