Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing) at Streitz Dental

Scaling and root planing is usually the first non-surgical step in the maintenance of periodontal disease. If plaque and tarter are not cleaned from teeth below the level of the gums, an inflammatory process takes place by which bone is lost. The most common area for this to occur is between back teeth, due to a lack of flossing. Once the tarter has hardened on the teeth below the gum line and bone is lost, the only option for removal is to perform a scaling and root planing procedure. A determination will be made by your dentist on which areas of your mouth need this procedure based on a number of diagnostic criteria. Some of these criteria include bone measurements, x-rays, hygiene habits, and other risk factors such as smoking and genetics. Occasionally, scaling and root planing may not be sufficient in severe cases of periodontal disease, therefore surgical intervention may be necessary.

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