What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

Many people have gum recession or what is sometimes called “sensitive teeth”.  This type of dental problem can happen for many reasons including excessive brushing pressure, teeth grinding or clenching, and consumption of acidic foods and liquids.

Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity

Fortunately there are many treatments available for patients with sensitive teeth, which are designed to help you enjoy cold food and drink again.  These treatments range from simply switching to a different toothpaste, placement of a medication directly on the sensitive part of the tooth at our office, or covering the areas of recession with a tooth colored composite filling.

We Can Help!

While tooth sensitivity is very often caused by gum recession, and is often fairly straightforward to treat, sometimes tooth sensitivity is caused from other dental problems such as tooth decay. If you are having tooth sensitivity, we encourage you to make an appointment so we can make a thorough evaluation and alleviate your sensitivity. You will be back to eating ice cream in no time!

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