botoxYou may be surprised to know that Illinois, along with many other states, allow dentists to provide Botox and dermal fillers. You may think this is strange, a dentist, working ‘outside’ the mouth? Dentists are highly trained concerning facial muscles and nerves and have an in-depth knowledge regarding facial anatomy and injection techniques. Overall, dentists have an acute eye for esthetics, often working by shaping and contouring teeth within tenths of a millimeter, knowing that the most subtle changes to teeth can affect your overall appearance. As dentists, we are aware that tissues ‘framing’ the smile, like the lips, cheeks, and nose, as well as the overall shape of a patient’s head, can have a significant impact on how the teeth are perceived. These things are all taken into account when we start any cosmetic dental procedure. While some dentists will not have the eye for cosmetic injectables, neither will some cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists. Botox and dermal fillers require an ‘artists’ touch and you need to be able to trust that whoever provides these services has a sharp eye for detail and esthetics. At Streitz Dental Arts, we are looking forward to providing our patients with these services in the near future and will let you know as soon as they become available.